414loral (4-1-Floral) is a black-owned grass-roots floral initiative that started at my kitchen counter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We pride ourselves on providing stellar customer service and transparent pricing. They say you can’t put a price tag on happiness, but at 414loral we collaborate with our customers to handcraft an experience that is truly something to smile about. 

I found Mikel on a local facebook group marketing her brand and I just was blown away by not only just HER BEAUTY, but the beauty of her arrangements. It was new to me, refreshing. I was low-key obsessed. Okay, not low-key, I WAS OBSESSED! I was already into shooting product photos but really wanted to take the chance at capturing flowers! I reached out and offered a portrait session because as a local business person, identity and branding are major on the "how do I launch this idea off the ground." blah blah blah, we hit it off or I forced her into being my friend and we have been inseparable ever since!

Let's actually talk about why I am sharing this! Her subscription plans are top notch and brilliant! You can literally knock it off your list and have flowers curated for the seasons and delivered or picked up from her store! Her grab-n-go's and eucalyptus bunches are always so fresh and the perfect addition to your home and shower! I love my eucalyptus hanging from my shower head! Also MY WEDDING BOUQUET! This is why I am making the post! I would love to share with all my perspective wedding clients that her floristry is beyond incredible! I wish I could be as good as a writer as her arrangements but I highly recommend her for your wedding, events, brunch, home, mother's day, whatever reason you need flowers, she is where it's at. Maybe I am biased. I do take the majority of the photos! But TRUST ME! You can't go wrong!


Address2714 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53212

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my wedding bouquet. photography by Citrine Pine Photography