Get To Know Us

Haley Eaglestar might be my first and middle name but as a business it represents everyone else I work with. Derrick is my soulmate and my right hand man! Sofi is my best friend and has helped me grow so much as a photographer! Here are some more information on who my team members are!

It's me, Haley Eaglestar

As you seen from my homepage bio, I am Milwaukee local, I am Native American and have had an interest for Photography since High School. My interest started with photojournalism which I feel to this day has helped my style of lifestyle photography to be filled with raw emotion and makes for a beautiful everlasting memory. I started this business to put my love for photography into the reach of many more.


Derrick has been my partner for 10 years and has supported and encouraged any passion I have put my mind too! Since I started Haley Eaglestar Photography, we have ignited a passion of his own! Derrick has been my second shooter for weddings a numerous amount of time, he isn't afraid of stepping on chairs to get a shot or asking a group he doesn't know to pose for the camera!


Sofija is my best friend and has brought my passion back to life for photography. I asked her one day to take product photos of my crochet on some of our friends and she showed me how her camera works and even let me borrow it! Since then we have grown so much in the industry. She is a beautiful lifestyle portrait photographer and also a skilled videographer. Sofi is amazing at capturing emotions and picking the best spot in the room for a shot!