Adventures with Abbie & Haley

My great friend Abbie is the owner of Citrine Pine Photography and she has been my biggest inspiration and support during my start in photography. [cover photo by Citrine Pine Photography] We both had an urge to get creative and went out walking in my neighborhood and took photos of each other. But before I share any photos, we had to get Bloody Mary's first! Hard to believe but this was my very first bloody mary! We stopped in at the Catcus Club where her Hubby works! I am ready to go back for another!

Second Stop, Rushmor Records!

And they were closed! But it didn't stop us from talking about our love of records, all the ones I would have bought and where to even try and put it once I got home! from there we walked up and down the main street in the Bayview neighborhood. It was my first time shooting during blue hour too! The sky was gorgeous and I feel like we both worked with the storefront lights and street lights very well! It was so much fun! I am already brainstorming more ideas we can do for our next neighborhood adventure! Maybe even outside of the city of Milwaukee! Below are photos of both her and I. I took the photos of her, she took the photos of me!

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