When Abbie (Citrine Pine Photography) & Allexx (Allexx B Photography) asked me if I wanted to join their brand new Studio, the proposal couldn't have come at a better time. I was burnt out from the chaotic cohesion of living in my home and my home being my boudoir studio! Add the pandemic to the mix and I was just sooo OVER IT!

Saying Goodbye to what brought me so much success

I had impulsively, which I do often, made a post on my personal facebook page about the new studio but that I was going to offer sessions at home until the end of the year. It was my way of creating the blend of the two options but pacifying my fear of no one wanting to work with me unless its in my home studio. Honestly, I thought it was going to be harder to not want to shoot in the space I designed so beautifully and changing it so often to fit the new ideas I had. I thought it would be harder to just step away. It was in fact, SOOOOO EASY. I ended up moving so much of my furniture from home to the new space that I had no choice but to no longer offer sessions there. To my surprise, no one has said "well damn, I thought our session was at your home?' or "I don't even want to do this anymore because I thought it was going to be at your house?" I am so relieved that I just overthought it and just stress myself out thinking its all gonna be bad!


The best thing about this is that I have all the memories captured to memorialize this time of my life & Career

From Apartment Therapy featuring the space to all the photo sessions I hosted. Here is a gallery of all my favorite photos!