I received an email from Toni inquiring about an engagement session a few weeks ago and I LOOOOVE THESE EMAILS! Before just saying "Yes I'm free that day!!" I like to ask questions like "What are you and your fiance like? What are you into? How did you meet?" I feel like asking these questions can help me narrow down ideas on locations, the style of photography and how comfortable they are in front of the camera! Toni shared with me that they were both pretty nerdy and I had an idea for just the spot! I told her about UP DOWN Arcade Bar and they were so into it! I was able to email the venue and they allowed me to plan ahead and shoot there even though it was going to be a city-wide Shamrock Shuffle bar crawl event! We totally risked it being so very crowded and lucked out by arriving just as it opened! Most of my shots are as if we were the only one's there.

Before meeting, Toni and I discussed how they never had photos done like this and they felt a little nervous. I totally get it, I get so nervous at the idea of photos being taken of me and I do this for a living! What's cool about their session is that we were in an Arcade and still had the freedom to chat, play some games and discuss with them my plans for photo op areas and how I want to pose them! I even shared some inspiration photos before the day of. If you are like me or Toni and need some information on what a session can be like, just ask me! I am very open on making this experience one that both you and your fiance will enjoy. Afterall, this is the start of you process to the wedding day! I would love to make what makes you both unique in your love story into a beautiful gallery to share with everyone who is looking forward to your matrimony!